In 2012 a small group of systems engineers from a few Danish companies attended the 22nd Annual INCOSE International Symposium in Rome, which created the initial connections into INCOSE.

From there the first steps in the establishment of a local Danish chapter of INCOSE were taken at the Nordic Systems Engineering Tour 2013 event at GN ReSound in Copenhagen were an informal meeting was held in order to discuss and investigate the posibilities. The meeting was started with a general introduction to INCOSE by Asmus Pandikow, Sector Director for the INCOSE EMEA Sector at that time. Asmus Pandikow described how INCOSE could benefit the Danish systems engineering community in general as well as how a Danish Chapter could add value to INCOSE.

After the introduction to INCOSE the participants discussed the need and viability of establishing a Danish Chapter. Based on the general interest for the NoSE event in Denmark it was decided to establish a "core team" that would be responsible for taking the steps needed to formally establish the Danish Chapter.


The core team consisted of the following people:


INCOSE Denmark was officially established at the founding meeting on October 30, 2013.

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