Annual General Meeting

From 25. April 2017 15:00 until 25. April 2017 18:00

The Annual General Meeting for INCOSE Denmark will be held April 25th 2017, 15:00 at

Oticon A/S, Kongebakken 9, 2765 Smørum

After the General Meeting there will be a coffee break with ample time for networking with your colleagues.

We will finish the afternoon with a presentation by Dagný Hauksdóttir, who is postdoc at the Technical University of Denmark and employee at Novo Nordisk A/S, on the subject of

Establishing reusable requirements derived from laws and regulations for medical device development

For many industries a key activity in product development is to demonstrate legislative compliance by showing, explicitly, that all relevant requirements from standards and regulations have been identified and addressed. The analysis and interpretation of standards and regulations requires considerable skills and consumes significant effort in product development. Therefore initiating reuse from the analysis and elicitation of requirements from standards and regulations may provide promising potential for gaining efficiency in development and also for assuring sufficient quality of the work.

Registration no later than April 19th

The event is open for all, free of charge but only members of INCOSE Denmark are able to vote on the General Meeting. Be sure to renew your membership if you are due to renew to ensure your vote will count.


Agenda for General Meeting

The agenda for the Annual General Meeting is according to the bylaws as follows:

  1. Opening remarks
  2. Election of Chairman of meeting
  3. Presentation of the Annual Report
  4. Presentation of Accounts and Balance Sheet
  5. Election of Officers and Directors of the Board (see details below).
    1. Directors (4 positions)
  6. Election of Auditors and Deputy Auditors
  7. Motions received
  8. Any Other Business
  9. Closing remarks

Election of Officers and Directors

According to the bylaws the members of the Board of Directors are elected for a two-year period with half of the members elected one year, the other half the next year. The positions currently held by the following members are open for election for a two-year term:

Allan Bo Jørgensen

Claus Broch

Jan Madsen

Kell Michael Jensen

Election to the Board of Directors is open for all active (non lapsing) members of INCOSE Denmark. If you wish to be nominated for a position in the Board of Directors please inform this via email to no later than March 28th 2017. The nomination should also include your photo and a short biography (approx. 50-100 words) for inclusion in the candidate list which will be published two weeks prior to the meeting.

Motions Received

Any motions to be handled at the General Meeting must be sent via email to no later than March 28th 2017 in order to be considered for inclusion on the agenda. Motions received before the deadline will be published two weeks prior to the meeting.


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