Model Based Systems Engineering with MagicGrid

From 12. September 2016 15:00 until 12. September 2016 19:00

INCOSE Denmark invites you to the first combined lecture and Model Based Systems Engineering event. No Magic is a well recommended provider of software for Systems Engineering, and they will give a lecture (see abstract below), and provide a brief demonstration of how to model systems in real life. The event will take place at Aarhus University on Monday 12th September 2016 from 15.00 – 19.00.

The event will take place in meeting room 120E

15:00 Welcome by Henrik Balslev 
15:10  Presentation af Systems Engineering tools developed partly at the Department of Engineering at Aarhus University. This will include demos of what these tools have been used for including robot and UAV applications in combination with different companies. This include research results from the European projects DESTECS (  COMPASS ( and INTO-CPS ( dealing with model-based approaches for the development of System of Systems and Cyber-Physical Systems.
16:00 Coffee break

NoMagic give a presentation about their MBSE framework MagicGrid.

17:45 Famous last words by Henrik Balslev
18:00 Sandwiches and networking


We chose MBSE. What's next?

Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) promises increase in productivity by shifting from documents to models. However, to reach this promise organization needs to implement proper practices to enable productive modeling resulting in high quality models. There is long journey that requires knowledge, patience, and guidance to make the paradigm shift (from document-centric to model-based SE) rewarding, or to at least prove that it can be rewarding. In such situations choosing the right methodology/framework that supports MBSE approach becomes essential.


This presentation overviews the No Magic's MBSE framework – MagicGrid which is synthesis of widely known MBSE methodologies (IBM Harmony, OOSEM, etc.) and frameworks (DoDAF, NAF, etc.). MagicGrid proposes an unambiguous workflow for modeling systems by iterations going from the highest to the lowest layers of abstraction and it is based on existing studies in the field and real-life findings in managing models for organizations from different systems engineering domains.


We will demonstrate and prove adaptability of the MagicGrid on a real-world problem domain going through the case study with Cameo Systems Modeler tool.

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