ITOS Master Class: Defining Requirements (Part 2)

From 29. April 2014 until 30. April 2014
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Get a Head Start in Product Development

The process of developing new products quickly becomes lengthy and expensive, if the definition of requirements is not done holistically and in relation to the overall system. Developing a prototype without proper consideration of defining and controlling requirements, the prototype often do not work as planned.

The new ITOS Master Class in Defining Requirements tackles this issue head on. The Master Class is a 3 + 2 day training seminar in March and April, respectively.

The ITOS Master Class provides participants with a new systemic approach to the development of complex systems, including both hardware and software and the controlling of requirements throughout the process. The program of the master class has been developed in collaboration with leading organizations such as Danfoss, MAN Diesel & Turbo, Triax, Delta, and DI ITEK.

"The Master Class in Defining Requirements focuses on the developing products and systems in an open process where requirements are formulated as the project moves along. By defining requirements as projects progress, companies gain freedom in product development while maintaining focus on the end result and the bottom line", says project manager Henrik Valentin Jensen, DI ITEK.

Read more about the ITOS Master Class in Defining Requirements here (in Danish).

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