In a room full of system engineers there was a lot to share and discuss that only the attendees would understand. The event was not only the first meeting in INCOSE Denmark, and the organizational meeting for the foundation of the Danish chapter, but was also an example of the benefits that come from spreading ideas between professionals from a specific field.

In 1990 35 senior technical managers started INCOSE, two years later it was incorporated as a non-profit technical society and in 1995 the charter went national. Today they have more than 10.000 members worldwide, 13 chapters just in Europe, of which Denmark is now one. On October 30th 2013 INCOSE Denmark was founded.


"to share, promote and advance"

Mrs. Cecilia Haskins, new chapter coordinator of INCOSE, held the first presentation giving an overview of the organisation worldwide. "Our mission is to share, promote and advance the best of systems engineering from across the globe for the benefit of humanity and the planet", she said.

And the Danes have long been missed, she continued, as they are broadly acknowledged in the industry and in academia of system engineering. The Danish chapter provides a focal point for the dissemination of systems engineering knowledge and promotes international collaboration, she said.


Connecting the dots

The next speaker Henrik Balslev continued with a further introduction to the role of the Danish chapter.

"System engineering is a lot of things. We would like to work with the international approach, local approach, it tools, certification and education, and best practice. And INCOSE Denmark is going to connect these dots", he said.

Henrik Balslev was later elected the first president of INCOSE Denmark.

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After a presentation of the EMEA-sector of INCOSE by Mr Asmus Pandikow, members had a chance to network during the coffee break and chat with the newly elected officers and directors of the board.


A common language

Jesper Søbygaard Nielsen, Head of Technology Management at Danfoss Power Electronics, continued after the break with a presentation on how Danfoss have increased the deployment of Technology Management processes due to the challenge of today's constant technological developments.

"Coordination and transparency of technologies is crucial for efficient tech development", said Jesper Søbygaard Nielsen.

Concluding the day, Henrik Balslev gave a presentation on the Cuneco project, a centre for productivity in construction. A project which develops, tests and implements common standards for enhanced exchange of data throughout all construction processes.

"Like musicians have notes, we should have a common language for structuring building information – identification for building elements", Henrik Balslev said.


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