Implementing Systems Engineering from Scratch

Implementing Systems Engineering from Scratch

From 20. January 2016 15:00 until 20. January 2016 19:00

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Invitation to mini-seminar at Semco Maritime A/S

Semco Maritime A/S is a company with strong focus in off shore installations, upgrades and maintenance.

The market for off shore transformer platforms, transforming power from wind turbine parks off shore to be distributed to land, is an important market for Semco Maritime, and several projects has been launched over the last years.

The growth in complexity of the technical design along with a demand of becoming more effective required a "turnaround mindset" in beginning of 2014. Systems Engineering was chosen as the concept to create a "common language" among all disciplines and it tools, and is now proven to be the essential point of synchronization for all information in the Oil Wind & Gas division dealing with the design and manufacturing of the platforms.

Semco Maritime A/S is in co-operation with INCOSE Denmark inviting you to a mini-seminar about the impact and positive results this has created for them.

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Welcome to Semco Maritime

by Vice President Peter Høi Koch

Background for implementation of Systems Engineering
The new common language and point of synchronization.

by Vice President Peter Høi Koch

How we started - The three basic steps towards SE

by specialist Henrik Balslev, Systems Engineering A/S

Systems Engineering from an engineer's point of view

by Telecom Engineer Stevan Akrap

Systems Engineering and impact on IT tools

by Team Leader Jannick Elmbæk Olsen

Debate and networking

Sandwich and soft drinks